Jie Wu, Ph.D., Fellow of AAAS, and Fellow of IEEE
Director of International Affairs, College of Science and Technology
Director of Center for Networked Computing (CNC)
Laura H. Carnell Professor, Department of Computer and Information Sciences
Temple University



            Positions available for Ph.D. students with assistantships, including visiting scholars/students

Research Center

             Center for Networked Computing (CNC)

Recent Publications

             2020 Publications:  IEEE/ACM TON, IEEE TMC, IEEE TPDS, IEEE TSC, IEEE TBD, IEEE TNSE, IEEE TII, INFOCOM'20, WWW'20, PerCom'20, SECON'20, ICDCS'20, and MobiHoc'20
             2019 Publications:  ACM TSN, IEEE JSAC, IEEE TMC, IEEE TVT, IEEE TKDB, IEEE TPDS, IEEE TSC, IEEE TNSE, SECON'19, ICDCS'19, DSN'19, and CNS'19
             2018 Publications:  IEEE TMC, IEEE TBD, IEEE TSC, IEEE TNSE, ICDCS'18, CNS'18, Percom'18, IWQoS'18, ICPP'18, and ICNP'18
             New Book: Opportunistic Mobile Social Networks
, Taylor & Francis, 2014 (Book Review)
             New Book: Energy-Aware Scheduling on Multiprocessor Platforms
, Springer, 2013
             Sample Publications: 1985-2013 and Top-25: self-rated
             Sample Recent Publications:
                 J. Wu and N. Wang, "Approximating Special Social Influence Maximization Problems," Tsinghua Science and Technology, Vol. 25, No. 6, 2020, 703-711.
                J. Wu, "Challenges and Opportunities in Algorithmic Solutions for Re-Balancing in Bike Sharing Systems," accepted to appear in Tsinghua Science and Technology.
                 J. Wu, "A Multi-tiered Network with Aerial and Ground Coverage," (CC 2018).
                 J. Wu, Y. Chen, and H. Zheng, "Approximation Algorithms for Dependency-Aware Rule-Caching in Software-Defined Networks, " (GLOBECOM 2018).
                 J. Wu, S. Lu, and H. Zheng, "On Maximum Elastic Scheduling of Virtual Machines for Cloud-based Data Center Networks," (ICC 2018).[Slides]
                 J. Wu, "Uncovering the Useful Structures of Complex Networks in Socially-Rich and Dynamic Environments," (ICDCS 2017). [Slides] [Video]
                 H. Zheng, W. Chang, and J. Wu, "Coverage and Distinguishability Requirements for Traffic Flow Monitoring Systems," (IWQoS 2016). [Slides]
                 J. Wu, " Stable Matching Beyond Bipartite Graphs," (APDCM) (in conjunction with IEEE IPDPS 2016). [Slides]
                 J. Wu and Y. Wang, "Hypercube-based Multi-path Social Feature Routing in Human Contact Networks," (TC 2014).
                 J. Wu, "Collaborative Mobile Charging and Coverage," (JCST 2014). [Slides]
                 J. Wu, M. Xiao, and L. Huang, "Homing Spread: Community Home-based Multi-copy Routing in Mobile Social Networks,"(INFOCOM 2013). [Slides]
                 C. Liu and J. Wu, "Practical Routing in a Cyclic MobiSpace," (ToN 2011).

Special Issues

 Guest Editor: (Call for papers)  Smart Systems and Intelligent Networking Powered with Big Data Analytics , IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering , Dec. 1, 2019
 Guest Editor:  Security & Privacy in Social Big Data , Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing , Dec. 2019
 Guest Editor:  High-Performance Computing in Edge Computing Networks , Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing , Oct. 2018
 Guest Editor:  Mobile Big Data Management and Innovative Applications, IEEE Transactions on Service Computing, Oct/Nov. 2016

NSF Workshop

2013 NSF CAREER Proposal Writing Workshop, March 15, 2013

Conference Organizations

            The 29th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN), 2020 (Program Co-Chair)
            IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), 2020 (Program Area Chair)
            IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing (ICDCS), 2019 (Vice Chair)
            International Workshop on Computational Intelligence and Big Data Towards Trustworthy IoT (in conjunction with GLOBECOM), 2018 (Workshop Co-Chair)
            The 45th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP), 2016 (General Chair)
            IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS), 2016 (General Chair)
            Resilient Communication Systems, Resilience week (RW), 2016 (Symposium Chair)
            15th ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing (MobiHoc), 2014 (General Chair)
            22nd IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP), 2014 (Program Area Chair)
            33rd IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), 2013 (General Chair)
            CCF China National Computer Congress (CNCC), 2013 (Program Chair)


Recent Awards

            Outstanding Service Award
              IEEE Technical Committee on Distributed Processing (TCDP), 2018.
Best paper award
              Y. Chen and J. Wu, "Multi-hop Coflow Routing and Scheduling in Data Centers,"
              Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Communications(ICC 2018), May 20-24, 2018. [ppt]
            Best paper award
              M. Z. Alam Bhuiyan and J. Wu, "Event Detection through Differential Pattern Mining in Internet of Things,,"
               Proc. of the 13th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad hoc and Sensor Systems(MASS 2016), October 10-13, 2016. [ppt]
            Best paper award
               H. Zheng, W. Chang and J. Wu, "Coverage and Distinguishability Requirements for Traffic Flow Monitoring Systems,"
               Proc. of the 24th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Quality of Service(IWQoS 2016), June 20-21, 2016. [ppt]
            Best paper runner-up award
               H. Zheng, Z. Wan, and J. Wu, "MapReduce Framework through Joint Scheduling of Overlapping Phases,,"
               Proc. of the 25th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN 2016), August 1-4, 2016. [ppt]
            China Computer Federation (CCF) Overseas Outstanding Achievement Award
               "Some Reflections on C&I Education," [video] [ppt in English and ppt in Chinese]
              CCF China National Computer Congress (CNCC), 2011, Keynote Speaker

Keynotes/Distinguished Lectures/Panels


Keynote Speaker: Algorithmic Solutions for Re-Balancing in Bike Sharing: Challenges and Opportunities, ICNC, 2020 [ppt]

Keynote Speaker: Cyber Security Defense: From Moving Target Defense to Cyber Deception, FCS 2019 and DependSys 2019, [ppt]

Keynote Speaker: Maximum Elastic Scheduling Based on the Hose Model, HPC China, 2019 [ppt]

Keynote Speaker: On Effective Computer Science Education in the Era of Information Technology, ITME, 2018 [ppt]

Keynote Speaker: On Balancing Middlebox Set-up Cost and Bandwidth Consumption in NFV, I-SPAN and PVE-SDN (with NetSoft), 2018 [ppt]

Keynote Speaker: On Authenticated Query Processing via Untrusted Cloud Service Providers, IEEE Trustcom, 2018 [ppt]

Keynote Speaker: On Efficient Data Collection Using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, WASA, 2018 [ppt]

           Keynote Speaker: Joint Scheduling of Overlapping Phases in the MapReduce Framework, CloudCom and ISPA, 2017 [ppt]

Keynote Speaker: Collaborative Mobile Charging: From Abstraction to Solution, ACM MobiArch (with SIGCOMM), 2017, IEEE/ACM IWQoS, 2016, and MiSeNet (with ACM MobiCom), 2013 [Abstract] [ppt]

Panelist: Fundamental Understanding and Theory of Network Systems: Resiliency, Performance, and Usability, ARO Workshops, 2017 [ppt]

Keynote Speaker: Dual-Centric Data Center Network Architectures, SRMPDS, 2016 [ppt]

Guest Speaker: Balancing Teaching, Research, Service, and Administration in the Academic World, ACSIC, 2016 [video] [ppt in English and ppt in Chinese]

Panelist: Emerging Research Challenges in the Era of IOT, IEEE ICCCN, 2016 [ppt]

Invited Speaker: Optimizing Roadside Unit Placement in Vehicular CPS Shanghai Jiaotong Univ., 2016 [ppt]

Keynote Speaker: Algorithmic Crowdsourcing: Current Status and Future Perspective, IEEE APDCM, 2016 and IPCCC, 2014 [Abstract][ppt]

: Networking Cyber-physical Applications in a Data-centric World, IEEE ICCCN, 2015 [ppt]
Keynote Speaker: Algorithmic Crowdsourcing: Current Status and Future Perspective, IPCCC, 2014[Abstract][ppt]

Keynote Speaker: Resource Allocation in Network Virtualization, WSDIF (with MASS), 2014 [ppt]

Keynote Speaker: Social-Aware Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks, DySON (with IEEE INFOCOM), 2014, and Central South Univ., 2013 [ppt]

Distinguished Lecture
: Algorithmic Crowdsourcing and Applications in Social Networking, Colorado State Univ., 2014, and HotPOST (with IEEE ICDCS), 2013 [ppt]
: Mobile Cloud Computing Challenges and Potential - A Communications and Networking Perspective, IEEE INFOCOM, 2014
Plenary Speaker: Resilient Priority-Based Data Transmission Using Network Coding, Resilience Week, 2013 [ppt]

ACM Distinguished Lecture: Utility-based Routing and Its Applications, Wayne State Univ., 2013, UM Dearborn, 2012, ChinaCom and IEEE TrustCom, 2012 [ppt]
Distinguished Lecture: Cooperate Private Searching in Clouds, Tsinghua Univ., 2012 [ppt]
Plenary Speaker : NSF/TCPP Curriculum on Parallel/Distributed Computing, EduPar (with IEEE IPDPS), 2012 [ppt]

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                    CIS 5644 - Distributed Computing
            Spring 2019
                    CIS 5515 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms
            Spring 2017
                    CIS 5636 - Ad Hoc Networks
            Spring 2013
                    CIS 3381 - Cooperative Education in CS
                    CIS 3281 - Cooperative Education in IS&T

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