Research Projects

NSF Grants

Collaborative Research: CNS Core: Medium: Data Augmentation and Adaptive Learning for Next Generation Wireless Spectrum Systems (Co-PI)

SpecEES: Collaborative Research: Study of the Tradeoff between Spectrum Allocation Efficiency and Operation Privacy in Dynamic Spectrum Access Systems (Co-PI)

MRI: Development of an Information Assurance and Performance Infrastructure for the Internet of Things (Co-PI)

REU Site: Research Experiences in Pervasive Computing for Smart Health, Safety, and Well-being (Co-PI)

TWC: Small: Evidence of Presence for Intelligent Vehicles using Environment-Based Security (Co-PI)

Mobility-Enhanced Public Safety Surveillance System using 3D Cameras and High Speed Broadband Networks (Co-PI)

NeTS: Coexistence of Heterogeneous Wireless Access Technologies in the 5 GHz Bands (PI)

BDD: Dynamic Evolution of Smart-Phone Based Emergency Communications Network (Co-PI)

REU Site: Enhancing Undergraduate Experience in Mobile Cloud Computing (PI)

IUCRC: Center on Intelligent Storage (Co-PI)

CCSS: Cyber-Enabled Smart Systems for Seamless Secure Monitoring and Communications (PI)

REU Site: Enhancing Undergraduate Experience in Mobile Cloud Computing (Co-PI)

NeTS: Mobile Content Sharing Networks: Theory to Implementation (PI)

CCSS: An Architecture for Joint Integration of Inter and Intrasession Network Coding in Lossy Multihop Wireless Networks (Co-PI)

EAGER: Mobile Multicore Computing (PI)

MRI-R2: Acquisition: A Hybrid High-Performance GPU/CPU System (PI)

EAGER: A New Algorithmic and Graph Model for Networking in Challenged Environments (PI)

TF-SING: Energy-Efficient Design in Wireless Networks Using Cooperative Communication (PI)


Commonwalth of Pennsylvania Grants

Formula Fund: Body Sensor Networks and Their Applications in Maternal Fetal Monitoring (PI)


EDA Grants

Urban Apps and Maps Ecosystem Studio (Co-PI)

ARO Grants

Moving Target Defense in Military Organization with Connected Dominating Set as Command Units (PI)

ONR Grants

Cyber Forensics Toolkit for Machinery Control (PI)

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