5590 Syllabus


This schedule and syllabus is preliminary and subject to change.

Lecture Date Topics Notes Readings
1 Tue 08/25 Course overview
2 Tue 09/01 Review of the Internet
3 Tue 09/08 Fabric: A retrospective on evolving SDN: End-to-end arguments + MPLS
[pdf] [key]
fabric, end-to-end arguments, (optional)A purpose built global network
4 Tue 09/15 SDN principles: centralized control (control data separation)
Ethane, 4D, Ravel, (Optional)Nox, (Optional)OpenFlow, (Optional)ravel
5 Tue 09/22 From centralized control to network operating system: opportunities and challenges
[pdf] [key]
RCP, Nox, Onix, (optional)onos
Programming Abstractions and State Management
6 Tue 09/29 Overview, OpenFlow and P4
[pdf] [key]
abstractions, OpenFlow, P4
7 Tue 10/06 Modular programming
[pdf] [key]
Pyretic, composing
8 Tue 10/13 Composing multiple controllers (CoVisor) and Dynamic Control (Kinetic)
[pdf] [key]
CoVisor, Kinetic
9 Tue 10/20 State management for multiple control applications
[pdf] [key]
10 Tue 10/27 Resolving Resource Conflicts by Voting
[pdf] [key]
Corybantic, Athens
11 Tue 11/03 Resolving Resource Conflicts by Voting (Continued)
Advanced topics: Verification and Internet Exchange
12 Tue 11/10 Static Reachability Analysis
[pdf] [key]
HSA, Reachability Analysis(Optional)
13 Tue 11/17 Verifying SDN dataplane
[pdf] [key]
Tue 11/24
Thanksgiving holiday
14 Tue 12/01 Software Defined Internet Exchange
[pdf] [key]
Tue 12/08
Study days
Tue 12/15 5:45-7:45pm, open book exam with Zoom, video/audio required

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