Research Interest:

Parallel Processing. Architectures, Opearting Systems and Programming Languages.

Very Large Scale Fault Tolerant Database. Arechitecture and Performance Evaluation.


1. Parallel System Architecture

Stateless Parallel Processing (by Yuan Shi, Extended Abstract) 1996

Tuple Switching Network: When Slower Maybe Better, Justin Y. Shi, Moussa Taifi, Abdallah Khreishah, Jie Wu, 2012, J. Parallel Distrib. Comput. Elsevier.

Statistic Multiplexed Computing (SMC): A Neglected Path to Unlimited Application Scalability, UCAR Software Engineering Assembly 2013.

2. Laws of Parallel Processing

Re-Evaluating Amdahl's and Gustafson's Law (by Yuan Shi) 1996 .

3. Fault Tolerant Synergy Parallel Programming System

Synergy Usage Guide.

Synergy Project Website

Github Contribution

4. Program Scalability Analysis

Linear Solver Using Asynchronous Methods, by Kostas Blathras, Daniel Szyld and Yuan Shi, Journal of Distributed and Parallel Processing

Superlinear Speedup for NP-Complete Algorithms, by Wes Powers and Yuan Shi, Technical Report, CIS Department, Temple University

Parallel Program Scalability Analysys (by Yuan Shi, slides)

Parallel Program Scalability Analysis (by Yuan Shi, Full paper)

5. Parallel Application Reliability

Structured Performability Analysis, by J.D. and Yuan Shi

6. Theory of Optimal Load Balancing

Optimal Granularity Calculation (by Yuan Shi, Full paper)

7. Automatic Parallel Program Generation and Performance Studies

Generating Efficient Parallel Codes for COTS Cluster Using a Parallel Markup Language (PML) Feijian Sun, Weijun He and Yuan Shi, 2004 (pdf)

Automatic Program Parallelization Using Stateless Parallel Processing Principle and Architecture by Feijian Sun, PhD Thesis, 2004 (pdf)

Automatic Program Generation for Stateless Parallel Processing, by Feijian Sun and Yuan Shi, MASPLAS 2003, powerpoint slides

Parallel Block LU Factorization on the Synergy Platform, by Weijun He and Yuan Shi, Technical Report, CIS Dept. Temple University, 2003

Stateless Parallel Processing Architecture for Extreme Scale HPC and Auction-Based HPC Clouds, by Moussa Taifi, PhD Thesis, 2013 (pdf)

8. Seamless Master Process Migration


A Fault Tolerance Protocol for Stateless Parallel Processing, by Yijian Yang, PhD Thesis (pdf)


9. Distributed Database


Resource Efficient Parallel VLDB with Customizable Degree of Redundancy by Fanfan Xiong, PhD Thesis, 2009 (pdf)


10. Research Exhibits


Research Exhibit at Supercomputing 2004 (pdf)

Research Exhibit at Supercomputing 2008 (pdf)

Research Exhibit at Supercomputing 2013 (pdf)

Research Exhibit at Supercomputing 2014 (pdf)