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Undergraduate Advising

College of Science and Technology (CST) Advising

College-level advisors provide general advice to guide students from orientation through graduation to ensure that they complete all degree requirements. CST Advising can assist with:

  • Delcaring a major or minor in the College of Science and Technology (CST)
  • Questions about non-major/college requirements
  • Obtaining a PIN for registration
  • Obtaining a progress report after completing 60 credits
  • Obtaining a graduation review after completing 90 credits
For more information or to schedule an appointment:

Visit CST Advising

CIS Faculty Advising

In addition to a CST advisor, CIS undergraduates will also have a CIS Faculty Advisor. Faculty advisors use their knowledge of the program curriculum to help students choose courses consistent with their specific career objectives. The following table provides contact information for the different programs in the CIS Department.

Program Advisor Office Contact
Computer Science Digital Media (Minor) Sally Kyvernitis SERC 330
Information Science and Technology Dominic Letarte SERC 323
Math and CS Data Science
CS and Physics
Andrew Rosen SERC 349

Student Advisor and Advocate

The CIS Student Advisor and Advocate (SAA) is a current CIS undergraduate major who is thoroughly familiar with the academic program requirements and can competently advise fellow students on the courses and faculty memebers of the department. Additionally, the SAA is familiar with the College of Science and Technology Grievance Procedure and is the first person to consult in case of an academic grievance. The CIS SAA office is SERC 358. For more information or contact information for the current CIS representative:


Peer Tutoring

The CIS Department offers peer tutoring for most of the undergraduate CIS courses. Peer tutors are upper-level CIS majors who have been successful in CIS courses. The tutors are trained to provide assistance with specific courses, general concepts and also programming. Tutors are available throughout the week. For more information:

Peer Tutoring