The Department of Computer and Information Sciences covers a broad range of fundamental computing research areas from theoretical issues to their use in solving real-world software systems and hardware problems.
CIS has developed a strong research program through it's hiring and developing world-class senior and junior faculty. The work of the faculty and their students has resulted in very significant growth in funded research programs and scholarly works.
Research opportunities are available to undergraduate CIS students through department, college and university programs. Whether planning to go on to graduate school or a job in industry, doing undergraduate research is the single best way to help your career. The Undergraduate Research Program can help you get involved in research through:
  • Job fairs, where you can hear about available research jobs
  • A research symposium, where you can show off your work and win prizes - The Future of Computing Competition
Temple has a campus-wide undergraduate research program, Temple Undergraduate Research Forum - Creative Works Symposium (TURF - CreWS) held each Spring.

The CIS department has an NSF funded research program for undergraduate students: Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)
Graduate students are directly involved in research, through multiple research centers and initiatives, as well as the collaborative efforts of faculty in CIS and a number of departments across the University.