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Support CIS

When you make a financial gift to the Department of Computer & Information Sciences, you are investing in Temple University's dedication to discovery and innovation.

With your contribution, CIS can fund necessary programs like student scholarships, teaching initiatives and professional development opportunities. Here's how you can have a transformational impact on the department's future. Make a gift to support.

The Computer & Information Sciences Department Fund

The CIS Department Fund provides critical, current-use support that benefits all aspects of the student educational experience, from investing in critical technology upgrades to designing innovative programs offering hands-on experience to students. The fund does more than help CIS keep pace with our competitors and with a rapidly changing tech landscape, it provides the financial strength and stability needed to plan for a remarkable future.

The Grace Hopper Conference Fund

The Grace Hopper Celebration offers young women in computing extraordinary opportunities to gain professional visibility and learn about exciting new technologies. Each year, female CIS students attend and present their research, providing exposure to graduate programs, job prospects and international publications. Yet conference fees and travel costs can keep some of our best students from participating. Your donation will help CIS send more women to the Grace Hopper Celebration, where they will have opportunities to network and to grow professionally.

The Student Achievement Award and Junior Scholarship

Scholarships and awards help attract talented students to Temple, ease their financial burdens and help them make the most of their education experience. The CIS Student Achievement Award goes to a member of the graduating class with the highest overall grade point average. The CIS Junior Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding junior in the department. Your gift helps to reward students' motivation and hard work, but it also provides much-needed financial resources that help them to graduate on time and with less debt.