Certificate Programs

Certificate in Programming

This certificate is appropriate for anyone interested in adding technology to your existing studies.  CS, IS&T or CS/Math majors are not eligible for this certificate.   The certificate provides knowledge and skills in two programming languages as well as database knowledge.  Technology skills will make you more marketable and are a great addition to your major!
Certificate goals:

  • Solve programming problems in an intuitive way using both a logical and algorithm based approach
  • Learn how to write code which is testable and maintainable
  • Understand the use of data and data management and their relationship to problem solving using technology solutions.
If you are a Temple student, you register for the certificate through the CST Office of Student Advising.  Walk-in advising is fine for this.  http://cst.temple.edu/students/advising-and-student-services

If you are not a current Temple student, you can also register for the certificate, but you need to do this through the Office of Continuing Studies.  http://www.temple.edu/vpus/arc/continuingstudies/continuingstudies.html

Faculty Advisor: Frank Friedman

Detailed Information and requirements for the Certificate in Programming are found at:


Certificate in Computer Security and Digital Forensics

This certificate is appropriate for CIS majors or experienced industry professionals who are interested in focusing in the security area.  Students can add this to their existing CS, IS&T or CS/Math major.    Because of the pre-requisite course schedule, this certificate is not appropriate for any majors outside of CIS.

For non-Temple students:  
Minimum Associates degree in Computer and Information Sciences including courses in data structures, programming fundamentals and operating systems/networking fundamentals and at least 3 years of documented work experience in Information Technology with exposure to system and networking fundamentals.  Requires review by contacting Frank Friedman. Once approved, the registration process will be to coordinate through the program Faculty Advisor.
For advising, curriculum and registration information, contact Frank Friedman

Detailed Information and requirements for the Certificate in Computer Security and Digital Forensics are found at: