Professional Science Master's Programs

A Professional Science Master's degree (PSM) is designed to enable students to develop workplace skills valued by top employers. A PSM is for a student who is seeking a graduate degree in science or mathematics and understands the need to gain knowledge and skills necessary for the workplace.

The PSM is a perfect fit for professionals because it allows you to pursue advanced training and excel in science or mathematics without pursuing a Ph.D. degree, while simultaneously developing highly-valued business skills.

Professional Science Master’s degree programs create a new career pathway and fill the need for scientists who are trained to work in a commercial context. PSM programs consist of two years of coursework along with a professional component. Close cooperation with local employers as well as a required internship in a business or public sector enterprise guarantees that the skills and subject matter taught are cutting-edge and relevant.

PSM programs clearly fill a need in the workforce, with PSM graduates finding excellent, well paid work opportunities. Employers in industry, the nonprofit sector, and government are clamoring for employees with advanced training in science and mathematics and professional skills in areas such as computing, technology, forensics, security, communication, regulatory affairs, intellectual property, and business ethics.