Accelerated 4+1 Bachelors/Masters Degree Program

The Accelerated Bachelors/Masters Degree (ABMD) is designed for high achieving Temple CIS undergraduates who are interested in getting a Master of Science degree (CS or IST) in just one additional year beyond their Bachelor’s degree. Upon successful completion of their fourth year, students receive their Bachelors degree. At the end of their fifth year, students receive a Master of Science degree (in CS or IST). Qualified IS&T undergraduate students can complete an MS in IS&T degree in five years. Qualified CS undergraduate students can complete an MS in either CS or IS&T in five years.

The accelerated degree program consists of:

  • a minimum of 114 semester hours of undergraduate course work,
  • a maximum of 9 semester hours of graduate coursework that counts towards both the undergraduate and the graduate degrees, and
  • a minimum of 21 semester hours of additional graduate coursework for the graduate degree. 

Students apply for admission to the ABMD program at the end of the Fall semester of their Junior year. To qualify for admission, applicants must have (by the end of their first semester Junior year):

  • a cumulative GPA of 3.5,
  • completed the equivalent of 5 full semesters of study at Temple,
  • taken all their CIS major courses at Temple,
  • plan to have completed at least 99 undergraduate credits by the start of their Senior Year.

In addition,

  • Undergraduate CS students must have completed (or be registered to complete) CIS 3223 and CIS 3207 by the end of their Junior Year.
  • Undergraduate IST students must have completed (or be registered to complete) CIS 3309 and CIS 3329 by the end of their Junior Year.


Freshman/Sophomore Year: Create a plan study in which: 
  • (If applying for the MS/CS program), you complete CIS 3207 and CIS 3223 by the end of your Junior year. Preferably you will also have taken courses in linear algebra, statistics, and some Calc III – so that you are prepared for the “Intelligent Systems” electives of the MS/CS degree.
  • (If applying for the MS/IST program), you complete CIS 3309 and CIS 3329 by the end of your Junior year.
  • You complete at least 99 credits (preferably exactly 99) before the start of your Senior Year.
  • You meet all UG program requirements by the end of your Senior Year, with the following courseload your Senior Year.
    • Fall:  9 undergraduate credits and 3 graduate credits
    • Spring:  6 undergraduate credits and 6 graduate credits
    • Note: these 9 graduate credits will double count (towards your graduate degree, towards your undergraduate degree, and as CIS upper level electives).
Junior Year:
  • Schedule a graduation review (with CST advising) just after registering for your 2nd semester Junior courses. Let them know that you need your graduation review early because you are applying to the ABMD program.
  • Once your Graduate Adviser has checked your (undergraduate) graduation review, s/he will create a plan of study for you and sign your application form. Submit your completed ABMD application and hopefully be admitted prior to fall registration time. 
  • If admitted, ask your Graduate Adviser to register you for graduate courses for your Fall semester (5th year) coursework.
First Semester of Senior Year:
  • Take 9 undergraduate credits and 3 graduate credits
  • Submit your graduate school application.  Click here to apply  A complete Graduate School application must be on file with the Graduate School by November 1st of your Senior year**. This includes a fully paid application fee, but TOEFL and GREs scores are waived. 
  • Ask your Graduate adviser to register you for graduate courses in your 2nd semester Senior year.
Second Semester of Senior Year:
  • Take 6 undergraduate credits and 6 graduate credits
  • Apply to graduate for your Bachelor's degree.
  • You may have to take a graduate independent study in the summer after your Senior Year (could be co-op related), depending on your particular plan of study.
Fifth Year:
  • Once you are admitted into the graduate program, you can begin self-registering for graduate courses. You will take 9 graduate credits each semester. 
  • Apply for graduation for your master's degree. 

Students admitted to the ABMD with Masters in CIS are expected to complete the entire program within four contiguous semesters beginning with the first semester of their Senior Year. Students are expected to maintain full-time study status during the last two semesters of undergraduate studies and the additional year of the Master’s program study.  No undergraduate overloads (more than seventeen credits) will be allowed. 

**Students failing to complete the baccalaureate program of study with the required coursework or to maintain a 3.0 undergraduate grade point average or to earn at least B in each of the three graduate courses within the senior year will be de-enrolled from the program.  However, they may continue working toward the undergraduate degree and then apply for admission to the MS in CS or IS&T programs following the normal procedures of the Graduate School. 

If you have questions about the ABMD program, please contact Professor Anthony Hughes  (CIS Graduate Adviser).

To apply for the ABMD program click here.