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2010 College of Science and Technology Research Excellence Award

This award was established under the leadership of Dean Hai-Lung Dai to recognize notable recent achievements in research by a faculty member of the College. Award Letter

2000 Olympus Award

Winner of the 2000 Olympus Award. Deutscher Mustererkennungspreis: the main annual award of the German Society for Pattern Recognition (DAGM). Sponsored by the Olympus European Foundation Science for Life (Europa Stiftung Wissenschaft fuers Leben) Award Letter

25th Annual Pattern Recognition Society Award

Winner of the 25th Annual Pattern Recognition Society Award together with Azriel Rosenfeld for the most original manuscript from all 1998 Pattern Recognition issues: Longin Jan Latecki and Azriel Rosenfeld: Supportedness and Tameness: Differentialless Geometry of Plane Curves. Pattern Recognition (PR) 31, pp. 607-622, 1998. Award Article   Award Letter