CIS 1057 Section 2
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Fall, 2015
Dr. Friedman

NOTE 1: If you find broken or incorrect links, please let me know ASAP. Assignments may be changed as the semester progresses.

NOTE 2: We have changed programming platforms for this course from Linux to a more user friendly Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This will not affect what you learn about programming or the C language, but it should enable us to focus more on programming and algorithm development and less on syntax issues.

My thanks to Jeff Warsaw and Giorgio Ingargiola for much of the material that appears here. Thanks, too, to Elliot Koffman, Len Garrett, and Alexander Yates all of whose ideas have been incorporated into the preparations for this course.


"The object of education is to prepare people to educate themselves throughout their lives"

(adapted from Robert Maynard Hutchins)

Section Description
1. Course Guidelines (now located on CIS 1057 Blackboard site)

2. Course Syllabus (now located on CIS 1057 Blackboard site)

3. Course Lectures
PLEASE NOTE: If you encounter some strange symbols (such as lots of question marks) when trying to read any of these lecture notes, be sure that you are viewing the notes using the Western European Encoding. To change the encoding setting when browsing a document, Click on View in the upper left corner of the menu bar on your browser page. Then click Encoding, and then Western European (Windows).

Lecture Set 0 - Introduction to Programming in Alice (no longer used)
Lecture Set 1 - Programming and Software Development
Lecture Set 2 - Introduction to C
Lecture Set 3 - Introduction to Functions
Lecture Set 4 - Selection Structures
Lecture Set 5 - Repetition Structures
    Lecture 5 (Reference) - Display Triangle
Lecture Set 6 - Simple Data Types, Math Functions and Expresions
    Lecture 6 (Reference) - Internal Representation of Data: Bits & Bytes
Lecture Set 7 - Structured Data Types (Part I) Arrays
Lecture Set 8 - Structured Data Types (Part II) Structs
Lecture Set 9 - Structured Data Types (Part III) Strings
Lecture Set 10A - Modular Programming -
        Functions with Output Arguments (Part A)
    Lecture 10A (Reference) - Addresses and Pointers
Lecture Set 10B - Modular Programming -
        Functions with Output Arguments (Part B)
    Lecture 10 (Reference) - Fractions Driver and Functions Code
Lecture Set 11 - Text and Binary Files Processing
    Lecture 11 (Reference) - An Introduction to Text Files
4. Laboratories - All Labs may be accessed from the CIS 1057 Blackboard Site

5. Homework Assignments - All Homework Assignments may be accessed from the CIS 1057 Blackboard Site

6. Miscellaneous Operational Issues
Temple HelpDesk OnLine Reference -- Great Stuff (Go See)
Getting a University AccessNet Account

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