June 16 2023, Stockholm, Sweden

at AGI 2023

With notable progress in recent years, the AGI-oriented NARS (Non-Axiomatic Reasoning System) has been attracting increasing interest from researchers and students from around the world. Built on top of its open-source implementation (OpenNARS), several NARS-based and NARS-related projects have been undertaken and are currently under development. To encourage communication and collaboration among the researchers, as well as to introduce these projects to the AGI community, NARS Full Day Event will be held during AGI-23 as an integrated part within the conference.

NARS event will hold a separate tutorial and a dedicated workshop, each of them targeting a different audience. The tutorial intends to introduce conceptual overview of NARS and related versions, while the workshops is designed for a more advanced audience interested to know NARS technical details and applications. Both Tutorial and Workshop will be on-site and virtual events held on June 16 at Digital Futures Building and open to all AGI-23 attendees.

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Organizing Committee

Dr. Pei Wang

Temple University, U.S.

Christian Hahm

Temple University, U.S.

Peter Isaev

Temple University, U.S.

Dr. Patrick Hammer

Stockholm University, Sweden