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Brian Davis works as an SAP support engineer, virtually

Brian Davis

Apart from an in-person interview at the U.S. headquarters of SAP, the multinational business software corporation, Brian Davis has never physically worked beside his SAP peers.

Nonetheless, during the coronavirus pandemic Davis has worked out of his family’s Northeast Philadelphia home as part of a team of manufacturing and supply chain support engineers. Their job is to design, build and improve customers’ digital solutions using SAP’s business software and technology. “I’m learning a lot about applications of machine learning and how the collaborative atmosphere of a company works,” says Davis, a mathematics & computer science major and a Temple Honors Academic Scholarship recipient.

At Temple, Davis worked with faculty investigating data mining, vehicular traffic flow and computer vision & machine learning. He also served as a data structures & algorithms teaching assistant.

“My courses, combined with the research and teaching experiences, really gave me confidence in my abilities,” he says. “Academically, CIS does a really good job of getting you all the computer science foundations that you need to succeed.”