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Laura H. Carnell Professor Jie Wu's presentation was "Challenges and Opportunities in Algorithmic Solutions for Re-Balancing in Bike Sharing Systems "
Professor Wu's, keynote was: "Cyber Security Defense: From Moving Target Defense to Cyber Deception" .
Xiaojiang Du has been elevated to IEEE Fellow for his contributions to Wireless Security.
at the 6th National Workshop for REU Research Networking and Systems.
CIS has opened a new Online MS Degree program in Information Science and Technology
In addition to receiving the Best Paper Award at INFOCOM 2019, Ph.D. student Fengjiao Li has received an award for the Best In-Session Presentation.
Professor Jie Wu, Laura H. Carnell Professor, recently attended the IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS), where he served on the panel “Cyber Deception”.
Ph.D. student Fengjiao Li, and Professor Bo Ji along with Jia Liu a collaborator from Iowa State University received the IEEE INFOCOM 2019 Best Paper Award.
Jie Wu, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Computer Science and Director, Center for Networked Computing has been elected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
Jie Wu, Laura H. Carnell Professor, gave a keynote titled "On Efficient Data Collection Using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles" at the 13th International Conference on Algorithms, Systems, and Applications of Wireless Networks (WASA) held in Tianjin, China, June 20-22.
“Cyber Forensic Tool Kit for Machinery Control” is to develop a run-time cyber protection strategy.
Gamal Sallam (PhD Student), Professor Bo Ji and their collaborators Gagan Gupta (AT&T labs) and Bin Li (University of Rhode Island)  Best-in-Session Presentation Award for their paper "Shortest Path and Maximum Flow Problems Under Service Function Chaining Constraints"
“Multi-hop Coflow Routing and Scheduling in Data Centers” authored by Yang Chen and Jie Wu was awarded Best Paper at the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2018).
Professor Jie Wu will be honored with the 2018 IEEE Technical Committee on Distributed Processing (TCDP) Award for Outstanding Service.