CIS3203 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CIS9603 Artificial Intelligence

Fall 2011



TA for CIS3203



Prerequisites: Minimum Grade C in the following courses:

Textbooks (Most of the course is based on the first one):

David Poole and Alan Mackworth, Artificial Intelligence. Foundations of Computational Agents. Cambridge University Press 2010 website

Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig. Artificial Intelligence. A modern Approach. Third Edition. Prentice Hall, 2010.

Stephen Marsland, Machine Learning: An Algorithmic Perspective  CRC 2009.
Book's website:


Since today's AI is mostly learning and inference, we will focus on both subjects.
This course is designed as an advanced undergraduate and introductory graduate course in learning and inference.
It introduces the basic concepts by focusing on their intuitive understanding and algorithmic perspective.
It is intended to prepare the students for future graduate courses in machine learning, data mining, robotics, and computer vision.
Part of the course will be based on the following online course:

Stanford CS221: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Professors Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig

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The online schedule and the list of topics is on

The students are strongly encouraged to attend the online lectures for four weeks starting on October 10.

During this time the online lectures will be reviewed and discussed during our lectures.


Exams, Project and Grading

Honor Code


I encourage students with disabilities, including "invisible" disabilities such as chronic diseases and learning disabilities, to discuss with us any appropriate accommodations that we might make on their behalf. Student must provide me with a note from the office of Disability Resources and Services at in 100 Ritter Annex, 215-204-1280, regarding their disability.