San Francisco, USA,  Sunday June 26, 2016 


Accepted Papers

  • Query Answering over Complete Data with Conceptual Constraints, Nhung Ngo (Free University of Bolzano)

  • Temporal Data Exchange, Ladan Golshanara (SUNY at Buffalo)

  • Understanding User Behavior From Online Traces, Elad Kravi (Technion)

  • Non-linear Time-series Analysis of Social Influence, Think Do (Kumamoto University)

  • TrailMarker: Automatic Mining of Geographical Complex Sequences, Takato Honda (Kumamoto University)

  • Towards an Integration System for Artifact-centric Processes, Maroun Abi Assaf (INSA Lyon)

  • Probabilistic Evaluation of Expressive Queries on Bounded-Treewidth Instances, Mikaël Monet (Télécom-ParisTech)

  • Techniques and Systems for Large Dynamic Graphs, Khaled Ammar (University of Waterloo)

  • Scalable Microblogs Data Management, Amr Magdy (University of Minnesota)