Former Research Associates and Students


Research Professor

MD Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan (Assistant Professor, Fortham University)

Shaojie Tang (Assistant Professor, The Univeresity of Texas at Dallas)

Chiu C. Tan (Assistant Professor, Temple University)

Ph.D. Students

Yang Chen, (Summer 2020) (Software Engineer, Facebook)
“Resource Scheduling in Software-Defined Networks”

Jiacheng Shang, (Summer 2020)(Assistant Professor, Montclair State University)
“Non-intrusive Sensing in Wireless Environment”

Ning Wang, (Summer 2018)(Assistant Professor, Rowan University)
“Efficient Routing and Offloading Design in Internet-of-Things Systems”

Huanyang Zheng, (Fall 2017) (Software Engineer, Google)
“Social Network Architectures and Applications”

Dawei Li, (Fall 2016) (Instructional Specialist , Montclair State University)
“On the Design and Analysis of Cloud Data Center Network Architectures”

Wei Chang, (Summer 2016) (Assistant Professor, Saint Joseph's University)
“Security and Privacy Issues in Social Information-Assisted Application Design”

Pouya Ostovari, (Fall 2015) (Assistant Professor, Temple University)
“Priority-based data transmission in wireless networks using network coding”

Ying Dai, (Fall 2014) (Software Engineer, LinkedIn)
“Spectrum Management and Cross-layer Protocol Design in Cognitive Readio Networks”

Wenjun Jiang, (Summer 2014) (Assistant Professor, Hunan University, P. R. China)
“Research on Personalizd Trust Evaluation in Online Social Networks”

Yunsheng Wang, (Summer 2013) (Assistant Professor, Kettering University, Michigan)
“Social Feature based Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks”

Qin Liu, (Winter 2012) (Assistant Professor, Hunan University, P. R. China)
“Security in Cloud Computing with Multi-User Data Sharing ”

Yaxiong Zhao, (Summer 2012) (Software Engineer, Google Inc.)
“Efficient Content-Based Publish/SubscribeSystems for Dynamic and Large Scale Networked Applications”

Cong Liu, (Summer 2009) (Assistant Professor, Sun Yat-Sen University, P. R. China)
“Design and Implementation of Efficient Routing Protocols in Delay Tolerant Networks”

Feng Li, (Summer 2009) (Assistant Professor, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)
“Uncertainty-aware Reputation System in Mobile Networks: Analysis and Applications”

Avinash Srinivasan, (Summer 2008) (Associate Professor, Temple University)
“Secured Broadcasting in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks”

Mingming Lu, (Summer 2008) (Associate Professor, Central South University, P. R. China)
“Incentive Mechanisms in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks”

Shuhui Yang, (Fall 2007) (Assistant Professor, Purdue University at Calumet)
“Connected Dominating Set (CDS) in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Variations with Applications”

Bing Wu, (Fall 2006) (Associate Professor, Fayetteville State University, North Carolina)
“Key Management in Secured Ad-Hoc Networks”

Xiuqi Li  (Fall 2006) (Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Permbroke)
"Efficient and Effective Searching in File Sharing Peer-to-Peer Networks"

Fei Dai  (Summer 2005) (former Assistant Professor at North Dakota State University, and now Microsoft Inc.)
"Localized Broadcasting in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks"

Imad Jawhar (Summer 2005) (Professor, United Arab Emirates University, UAE)
"Quality of Service Support in TDMA-based Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"

Wei Lou, (Fall 2004) ( Associate Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK)
"Efficient Localized Broadcast Algorithms in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks''

Zhen Jiang, (Summer 2001) (Associate Professor, West Chester University)
"Fault-Tolerant Routing in Mesh-Connected Networks with Dynamic Faults''

Xiao Chen, (Fall 1999) (Associate Professor, Texas State University)
"Fault-Tolerant Routing in 2-D and 3-D Meshes''

Praduemn K. Goyal, (Fall 1998)
"Cube-Connected Cubes Multicomputers''

Ke Huang, (Summer 1997)
"The Balanced Hypercube and Its Applications''

Yijun Wang, (Fall 1995)
"A Uniform Hardware and Software Fault-Tolerant Model''

Larry Brown, (Fall 1993)
"Fault-Tolerant Distributed Shared Memories''

MS Students

Z. Wan (Summer 2015)
“Scheduling Policies for Cloud Computing”

A. Blaisse (Summer 2015)
“Better Selection of Virtual Machines for A Mapreduce Environment”

K. Li (Summer 2014)
“Resource Allocation Schemes in Cloud Systems”

X. Li (Summer 2012)
“Channel Switching Control Policy for Wireless Mesh Networks”

R. Thanawala (Fall 2008)
“Efficient Resource Discovery Technique in a Mobile Ad Hoc Network”

V. Ponce (Fall 2007)
“Improving Cooperation in P2P Networks: A Social Network Approach”

B. Qian (Fall 2007)
“Multi-Path Intelligent Virtual Mobile Nodes for Ad Hoc Networks”

J. Huang (Summer 2006): Motorola
"A Class-Based Search Algorithm in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks"

T. Xu (Summer 2006): Cendyn Inc.
"Quorum-Based IP Autoconfiguration in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"

Y. Huang (Fall, 2006): Nokia
"Label Routing Protocol: A New Cross-Layer Protocol for Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Wireless Networks"

J. Zhang (Summer 2005): Ericsson
"XYZ: A Scalable, Partially Centralized Lookup Service for Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer Systems"

Q. Cheng (Fall 2004)
"Using Classification and Regression Tree to Detect Hematology Abnormalities"

J. L. Wood, (Summer 2004)
Active Networks and Innovation: An Evaluation of Active Networking as a Driver of Accelerated Internet Innovation"

C. Huang, (Fall 2003)
Based Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"

R. Khumanthen, (Summer 2003)
"Mobile Agent and its Application in Distributed Systems"

Q. Dai, (Summer 2003)
"Energy Efficient Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks"

B. Wu, (Fall 2002)
"Power-Aware Broadcasting and Activity Scheduling in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Using Connected Dominating Sets''

K. Du, (Summer 2002)
"Data Dissemination in Sensor Networks''

M. Gao, (Spring 2001)
"Dominating-Set-Based Routing in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks''

J. Ibriq, (Fall 2000)
"A Reduced Overhead Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks''

H. Li, (Fall 1999)
"Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks''

S. Cang, (Spring 1999)
"Time-Step Optimal Broadcasting in Mesh Networks with Minimum Total Communication Distance''

H. Fu, (Fall 1998)
"Load Balance of a Fire Model in a Network of Workstations''

H. Huang, (Fall 1997)
"Parallel Algorithms for Domain Load Balance''

A. Wynn, (Summer 1997)
"The Effect of Compression on Performance in a Demand Paging Operating System''

Y. Luo, (Fall 1996)
"Embedding Binomial Trees in Faulty Hypercube Multiprocessors''

J. Pan, (Summer 1996)
"Static and Dynamic Load Balance Strategies for a Class of Applications''

H. Qian, (Summer 1995).
"Multitriangle: A New Interconnection Network''

W. Huang, (Summer 1995)
"Stewart Platform Accuracy Enhancement''

H. More, (Summer 1993)
"Load Balancing on Multiprocessor Systems''

K. Yao, (Spring 1993)
"Fault-Tolerant Multicasting in Hypercube Multicomputers''

M. Fernandez, (Fall 1992)
"Group Structures in Object-Oriented Database Authorization''

M. Gangadhar, (Summer 1992)
"Fault-Tolerant Scheduling for Multiprocessor Systems''

M. Zhang, (Spring 1992)

"Design and Modeling of Hybrid Software Fault-Tolerance"