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      CIS 3381 Cooperative Education in CS




CIS-3381- Syllabus  




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Welcome to CIS 3381

In this course students take directed study in CS to integrate their academic course program with work in the field.  The course is directed by an CS faculty member and supervised by the student's work supervisor.  The aim is to integrate classroom and work experience. The gained hand-on work experience helps students decide which area of the IS&T/CS field is of more interest to them so they can choose the elective courses for the remaining time in school. It also improves their chances to get a better job upon graduation.

It is a 4 credit hours course. There are no formal lectures. Students meet individually with the faculty adviser for the course on a bi-weekly basis to present a progress report. A short write-up is also presented at each meeting. 
in the summer, the face-to-face meetings may be replaced by submitting the report via e-mail).

At the end of the semester, a final product resulting from this course is expected.  This product may take on any one of several different forms.-- a final comprehensive report detailing your work experience including an explanation of how it relates to your course work and what you learned  beyond the scope of your "regular" course work.-- a final report detailing mission or focus of the organization and subunit you worked for and an analysis of how your work contributed to and enhanced the functioning of the organization or subunit. -- a research report that reflects technology research related to your job.-- a working software product accompanied by an associated user guide and/or a technical report describing the functionality/purpose of the system.-- evidence of your contribution to a larger-scale computer system (substantial maintenance involvement, the modification of an existing subsystem,  or development of a value-added subsystem) 

This final report is the primary factor in the final grade for the course.  Content as well as style and grammar will be graded.Whichever  product you select, it is expected that it will reflect considerable effort on your part that goes above and beyond the normal expectations of your job.The course utilizes Temple's web conferencing service, BlackBoard.  From time to time, I may broadcast  messages or post information on Blackboard. (I will also communicate one-on-one with some of you directly via e-mail, so you should be sure I have your correct Temple email address)   Any records for the course also will be posted on BlackBoard.  Once you enroll in the course, you should have access to the course's BlackBoard site.  

For additional information about the course, refer to the course syllabus.

For general information about the CIS Department click on:   http://www.cis.temple.edu/

The registration form for the course should be printed, filled out, signed as indicated, and submitted to Ms Jackie Harriz, who can complete your registration for the course.

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