CCSS: Cyber-Enabled Smart Systems for Seamless Secure Monitoring and Communications


The objective of this program is to address the security and capacity requests raised in cyber-enabled secure monitoring and control, and to accomplish a human-device interaction platform by conjoining the communication capability and computational resources of the ubiquitous wireless networks with general physical components and devices.

Intellectual Merit:

The intellectual merit is the development of practical multi-layer techniques that enable seamless, secure mobile-based device monitoring and control, and of the analytical and design tools that are broadly applicable to related engineering problems. More specifically: (i) For security enhancement and privacy protection, the innovative access control and privacy protection schemes can achieve secure authentication without providing non-repudiation evidence; (ii) For capacity improvement, efficient and inherently reliable wireless systems are developed through network-centric airlink interface design and spectrum sharing; (iii) For system development and integration, the multi-layer design strategy is realized through penetration of high layer techniques into lower layer physical system design, which greatly reduces the system complexity, management overhead and security risks.

Broader Impact:

The broader impacts are: (i) It will lead to a seamless and secure mobile-based device monitoring and control mechanism which can be utilized for a broad scope of applications critical to national competitiveness and homeland security; (ii) By integrating the technological advances resulting from this project into the undergraduate/graduate curricula, and through outreach activities, significant impacts are expected from this project on training a highly-skilled and diverse workforce in the area of cyber-enabled systems.


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