1994 Publications (Jie Wu)

Journal Publications

J. Wu and E. B. Fernandez, "Using Petri Nets for Determining Conversation Boundaries in Fault-Tolerant Software," IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 5, (10), Oct. 1994, 1106-1112.
J. Wu and T. Wu, "An Efficient Vector-Matrix-Vector Multiplication on Cube-Connected-Cubes Multicomputers,'' International Journal of Mini and Microcomputers, 16, (3), 1994, 128-133.
J. Wu, Y. Wang, and E. B. Fernandez, "A Uniform Approach to Software and Hardware Fault Tolerance,'' Journal of Systems and Software, 26, 2, August 1994, 117-127.
J. Wu, "An Optimal Fault-Tolerant Nonredundant Broadcasting Scheme in Injured Hypercubes,'' Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 22, (2), August 1994, 295-313.
J. Wu and X. -H. Sun, "Optimal Cube-Connected Cube Multicomputers," Journal on Microcomputer Applications, 17, 1994, 135-146.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

H. Qian and J. Wu, "Multitriangle: A New Interconnection Network," Proc. of the 7th Int'l Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems, October 1994.
E. B. Fernandez, J. Wu and M. H. Fernandez, "User Group Structures in Object-Oriented Database Authorization," Proc. of the 8th Annual IFIP Working Group 11.3 Working Conference on Database Security, August 1994.
J. Wu, "Dimension-Exchange-Based Load Balancing on Injured Hypercubes," Proc. of 1994 Int'l Conference on Parallel Processing, III, August 1994, 88-91.
L. Brown and J. Wu, "Dynamic Snooping in a Fault-Tolerant Distributed Shared Memory," Proc. of 14th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, June 1994, 218-226.
L. Brown and J. Wu, "Optimal Triple Modular Redundancy Embeddings in the Hypercube," Proc. of Euromicro Conference on Massively Parallel Computing Systems, May, 1994.

Non-Refereed Publications

J. Wu, "Broadcasting in Injured Hypercubes Using Limited Global Information," Proc. of IEEE Southeastcon'94, April 1994, 343-347.
H. More and J. Wu, "Throughput Improvement Through Dynamic Load Balancing," Proc. of IEEE Southeastcon'94, April 1994, 339-342.
H. Pendyala and J. Wu, "Computing Prefix Sums in Extended Fibonacci Cubes," Proc. of 25th Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing, March 1994, (abstract only).
K. Huang and J. Wu, "Consistent Recoverable Tree Embedding in Balanced Hypercubes," Proc. of 25th Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing, March 1994, (abstract only).

Department Technical Reports

TR-CSE-94-1 J.Wu , "Embedding of binary trees in extended Fibonacci cubes," Feb. 1994.
TR-CSE-94-4] K.Huang and J.Wu, "Consistently recoverable tree embeddings in Balanced Hypercubes," Feb. 1994.
TR-CSE-94-16 H.Qian and J.Wu, "Enhanced Fibonacci cubes," April 1994.
TR-CSE-94-18 J.Wu, "Optimal scheduling of a class of parallel algorithms," May 1994.
TR-CSE-94-20 K.Huang and J.Wu, "Area efficient layout of balanced hypercubes," June 1994.
TR-CSE-94-21 J.Wu, "A lower bound for $L$-nodes in faulty hypercubes," June 1994.
TR-CSE-94-28 H.Qian and J.Wu, "Prefix computation on enhanced Fibonacci cubes," July 1994.
TR-CSE-94-30 J.Wu, "Comments on `dBCube: a new class of hierarchical multiprocessor networks with area efficient layout'," July 1994.
TR-CSE-94-40 K.Huang and J.Wu, "Fault-tolerant resource placement in balanced hypercubes," Sept. 1994.
TR-CSE-94-49 L.Brown and J.Wu, "Fault-tolerant page-based distributed shared memory system," October 1994.
TR-CSE-94-50 H.Qian and J.Wu, "VLSI/WSI layout of the enhanced Fibonacci cube," October 1994.
TR-CSE-94-54 J.Wu, "A new optimal shortest-path routing policy for multicomputers with mesh-connected topologies," October 1994.

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