1991 Publications (Jie Wu)

Journal Publications

J. Wu, "Fault-Tolerant Task Scheduling,'' International Journal of Mini and Micro-computers, 13, (3), 1991, 135-139.

Books and Book Chapters

J. Wu and E. B. Fernandez, "The Extended G-Network, A Fault-Tolerant Interconnection for Multiprocessors," in Parallel Architectures, N. Rishe, S. Navathe, and D. Tal (eds.) IEEE Computer Society Press, 1991, 250-259.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

M. Gangadhar, J. Wu and E. B. Fernandez, "A Real Time Fault-Tolerant Scheduling Method Based on Comparisons,'' Proc. of IFAC Workshop on Algorithms and Architectures for Real-Time Control, Dec. 1991.
Z. Li and J. Wu, "A Fully Fault-Tolerant Multidestination Routing Scheme in Hypercube Multiprocessors,'' Proc. of the 1991 International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP), 1991, III-290-III-291.
M. M. Zhang, and J. Wu, "Modeling and Analysis of a Fault-Tolerant System,'' Proc. of International Conference for Young Computer Scientists, July 1991.

Non-Refereed Publications

J. Wu "Software Fault Tolerance Using Hierarchical N-Version Programming,'' Proc. of IEEE Southeastcon '91, 1991, 241-247.

Department Technical Reports

[TR-CSE-91-5] J. Wu, "Generalized Test Minimization Methods Based on Criticality,'' March 1991.
[TR-CSE-91-14] J. W. Krull, A. M. Molina, J. Wu, "Evaluation of a Fault-Tolerant Distributed Broadcast Algorithm in Hypercube Multicomputers,'' July 1991.
[TR-CSE-91-16] J. Wu, "Deadlock Prevention on Uni-directional Rings,'' August 1991.
[TR-CSE-91-17] J. Wu and I. F. Akyildiz, "A Formal Security Model for Distributed Computer Systems,'' October 1991.

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