1990 Publications (Jie Wu)

Refereed Conference Proceedings

J. Wu, "On the Decomposition of a Boolean Function into Two Unate Functions," Congressus Numerantium, 77, December 1990, 205-211.
J. Wu, "A Fault-Tolerant Task Scheduling Method for Parallel Processing Systems,'' Proc. of ISMM International Conference Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems, October 1990.
R. Zhang, E. B. Fernandez, and J. Wu, "A Parallel Implementation of Robot Control Equations on MS T414 Transputers,'' Proc. of North American Transputer Users Group, 1990 fall meeting.
J. Wu and E. B. Fernandez, "Fault-Tolerant Distributed Broadcast Algorithms on Cube-Connected-Cycles Networks,'' Proc. of the 1990 Canadian Conference on Electrics and Computer Engineering, September 1990, 51.4.1-51.4.4.
J. Wu and E. B. Fernandez, "Fault-Tolerant Multiprocessor Networks Through an Extended G-Network,'' Proc. of PARBASE-90, March 1990, 216-220.

Non-Refereed Publications

J. Wu and E. B. Fernandez, "Petri Net Modeling Techniques,'' Proc. of the 21st Pittsburgh Conference on Modeling and Simulation, May 1990, 1311-1317.
J. Wu, "Automatic Programming for Array Manipulation,'' Proc. of the 3rd Florida AI Research Symposium, April 1990, 207-209.
J. Wu and E. B. Fernandez, "A Scheduling Approach for Communicating Tasks,'' Proc. of the 22nd Southeastern Symposium on System Theory, March 1990, 91-97.

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