Artificial General Intelligence

Objective and Strategy

1. Historical background

From AI to AGI

AGI differs from mainstream AI in the following points:

Of course, AGI and mainstream AI have overlaps in many places.

2. Research objective

In the field of AI/AGI, there are different research objectives, corresponding to different understandings (working definitions) of intelligence, in terms of where the similarity between the brain and the computer should be expected: Reason for the diversity: human intelligence is described at a certain level of abstraction (the science aspect of AI), and then the description is used as the objective to be achieved (the engineering aspect of AI).

The above objectives are related, but still very different, and do not subsume each other. The preferred way to achieve one is not preferred for the others.

Common mistakes:


3. Overall strategy

On one hand, the ultimate goal of AI is to reproduce intelligence as a whole, while on the other hand, engineering practice must be step-by-step. There are three overall strategies: The selection of strategy partially depends on the selection of the objective.

4. Prospects

This course is organized according to the following assumption: "Intelligence" mainly corresponds to certain rational principle abstracted from the human mental mechanism, and this principle is not followed by the conventional computer systems. The best way to reproduce this principle in AI systems is to depend on a unified core technique, and to incrementally specify and implement it.