CS44 W00: Tentative Course Syllabus

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Tentative Course Syllabus



Introduction: history of AI, agents, environments RN 1 w/o 1.2, 2
Search: search spaces, uninformed search RN 3 w/o 3.7
Search: informed search RN 4, w/o 4.3,4.4
Hill Climbing, Simulated Annealing RN 4.4, notes
Programming SA, notes
Programming SA, notes
Genetic Algorithms RN 20,8,notes
Game Playing RN 5.1-5.3
Iteration in Functional Programming SA 1.2
Minimax RN 5.3-5.7
Acting: Intro to Robotics RN 25.1-25.4
Planning for Robots RN 25.5,25.6
Programming SA, notes
Planning with Uncertainty notes
Introduction to Computer Vision RN 24.1-24.5,notes
Image Similarity, Tracking notes
Programming SA, notes
Knowledge Representation RN 6
Semantic Nets
First Order Logic RN 7
Reasoning: Resolution Theorem Proving RN 7
Unification, Forward Chaining
Learning: Inductive learning RN 18
PAC learning RN 18
Neural Networks RN 19.1-19.3
Back Propagation RN 19.4
Back Propagation RN 19.4
Reinforcement Learning RN 20
Intelligent Agents notes

Readings specified are from the Russell & Norvig text (RN) and from the optional Sussman and Abelson text (SA) (which I recommend as the best book available on programming concepts.) Additional readings may be handed out in class during the quarter. "Programming" refers to learning Lisp (Scheme) or Prolog.

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