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CIS9616 - Principles of Data Management - Schedule (tentative)

 week  topics (tentative)  due dates   related info
1 Introduction (Ch.1), E-R Model (Ch.2))    
2 Relational Model (Ch.3)   hw1 out 
3 SQL (Ch.4) hw1 due   
4 QBE, Quel (Ch.5)   hw2 out 
5 Integrity Constraints (Ch.6), Relational DB Design (Ch.7) hw2 due  hw3 out 
6 Relational DB design (Ch.7), Review    
8 MIDTERM, Storage (Ch.11), File Structure (Ch.11) hw3 due, midterm  hw4 out 
9 Indexing and Hashing (Ch.11) hw4 due  project1 starts 
10 Query Processing (Ch.12) hw5 out, opt. project2 starts 
11 Transactions (Ch.13), Concurrency Control (Ch.14) hw5 due  presentations 
12 Concurrency Control (Ch.14), Recovery (Ch.15)   hw6 out, presentations 
13 Object Relational DB (Ch.9), Parallel DB (Ch.17)) hw6 due  presentations 
14 Distributed DB (Ch.18), Multimedia DB, Queries by Content   presentations 
15 Data Mining and Rule Discovery, Review project1, opt. project2 due  presentations 
16 Final Exam