Chiu C. Tan

Chiu Tan's Research Lab

At CRTL, we are interested in developing practical solutions to address problems in emerging technologies. We work at the intersections of mobile systems, wireless networks, and cloud computing. Our research is generously funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Defense (DoD), State of Pennsylvania, and Amazon Web Services.

Active projects

Mobile Video Surveillance Network in Urban Environments


Securing Police Body Cameras


Enhancing Cognitive Impairment Diagnosis using Wearable Computing



  • Dr. Chiu C. Tan


  • Dr. Tania Giovannetti (Temple Psychology)
  • Dr. Jie Wu (Temple CIS)
  • Dr. Justin Shi (Temple CIS)
  • Dr. Krisna Kant (Temple CIS)
  • Dr. Xiaojiang Du (Temple CIS)
  • Dr. Dimitrios Mastrogiannis (Temple Medical)
  • Dr. Ningfang Mi (Northeastern ECE)

Current Students

  • Hongxu Zhang (PhD student)
  • Alkhansaa Abuhashim (PhD student)
  • Abrar Alrumayh (PhD student)
  • Lang Gao (MS student)
  • Waqas Latif (Undergraduate)
  • Theodore Hauser (Undergraduate)
  • Samuel Rizer (Undergraduate)
  • James Klein (Undergraduate)
  • Jessica Nwaogbe (Undergraduate)
  • Claire Cochrane (Undergraduate)


  • Yufeng Wang (MS student). Currently at EPIC
  • Vince Martin (Undergraduate student)
  • Sri Ramanujam (Undergraduate student)
  • Adam Blaisse (Undergraduate, co-advise with Dr. Jie Wu).
  • Jake Roemer (Undergraduate). Currently PhD student in CS at Ohio State
  • James Robinson (Undergraduate, co-advise with Dr. Jie Wu)
  • Qin Liu (Visiting scholar, co-advise with Dr. Jie Wu). Currently faculty at Hunan Unversity.
  • Wei Chang (PhD student, co-advise with Dr. Jie Wu)
  • Mark Groman (REU from Lehigh)
  • Chiso Ihionu (REU from Norteastern)
  • Mark Mikida (REU from Temple). Currently PhD student in Math student at Temple
  • Michael Lumetta (REU from Swarthmore)
  • Andrew Zeng (REU from CMU)
  • Austin Gore(REU from UVA)
  • Khoi Tran (REU from Temple)