David Dobor

David Dobor's picture
Position: Instructor in Computer and Information Sciences
Office location: Science Education and Research Center (SERC), Room 315
Phone number: (215) 519-0879
Alternate e-mail address: david.dobor@gmail.com
Joined CIS: 2016
Beginning Fall 2017, materials for both CIS 2033 and CIS 822 will be available through the Canvas system.
Spring 2017 Courses:
  • CIS 2033. Class Site.
  • CIS 822. (Materials available through the Blackboard system.)
Fall 2016 Courses:

David's research interests include:

Machine learning. Data representation and learning in computer vision. Applications of deep learning techniques to visual object recognition, object detection, and speech recognition. Automatic discovery of structure in large data sets. Exploration of new application domains for convolutional neural nets such as drug discovery, genomics, finance.

David's academic background is in Systems Engineering (University of Pennsylvania, Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering) and Computer Science (Temple University, Department of Computer and Information Sciences).