Kyle Romain

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Position: Adjunct Instructor in Computer and Information Sciences
Office location: Science Education and Research Center (SERC) , Room 349
Phone number: 215-204-8450
Joined CIS: 2015
I am a User Experience Designer with over five years of experience in the software industry. I started my career at SAP and now work at SevOne as a UX Designer supporting a unique infrastructure performance monitoring platform. I am also the chairman of the Occupational Advisory Committee for Northeast High School in Philadelphia where I advise the faculty of their Communications Technology CTE program.

I am increasingly passionate about the importance of UX Design in virtually every industry as the success of a product continues to evolve towards the reliance of making users joyful and effective. I am especially interested in creating intuitive workflows for users who regularly navigate data-heavy interfaces with complex user goals.

I am focused on teaching the understanding and implementation of the iterative UX design process through a hands on approach that emulates real-world scenarios. User Experience impacts every aspect of a product development lifecycle, so I believe It is important that students interested in any role in the tech-world understand its importance and implementation.

  • B.S. in Digital Communications, Lebanon Valley College