Undergraduate Research


Undergraduate, independent research in Computer and Information Sciences can be done as an Independent Study, Independent Research, or Directed Reading/Study course in Computer Science, Information Science and Technology, or Math and Computer Science. In addition, there is an 'Independent Research in Computer Science' course that can be taken in place of the Computer Science capstone project. To find out about the research interests of the CIS faculty, look at the Faculty Research Page. For information on particular CS/IST research projects, you might want to communicate with individual faculty to learn about their interest in mentoring research. In the Spring, many CIS students present their research, as well as their development projects in the CIS Future of Computing Competiton.

Independent Study/Research

The CIS Department offers Independent Study, Independent Research and Directed Reading/Study courses, which allow motivated students to work on projects under the supervision of a faculty advisor while receiving academic credit. Independent studies are usually one semester in duration and require prior approval from the faculty member and the CIS Department. This approval takes the form of an UNDERGRADUATE SPECIAL REGISTRATION REQUEST which must be filed with the CIS undergraduate advisor for any independent study project. Registration forms are also available with a CIS department advisor.

Students looking for summer research opportunities should also check out the National Science Foundation-sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates program, including the student-oriented REU area list.

CST and University Research Opportunities

The College of Science and Technology maintains information about available research and internship opportunities for CIS students. Of particular interest to CIS students is the CST Undergraduate Research Program (URP). The Undergraduate Research Program offers students an opportunity to work directly with world-class researchers on real-world research.