Energy Assurance for Server Systems

Haining Wang
College of William and Mary
Wachman 447
Friday, April 5, 2013 - 11:00
Power management has become increasingly important for server systems. Numerous techniques have been proposed and developed to optimize server power consumption and achieve energy proportional computing. However, the security perspective of server power management has not yet been studied. In this talk, we will investigate energy attacks, a new type of malicious exploits on server systems. Targeting solely at abusing server power consumption, energy attacks exhibit very different attacking behaviors and victim symptoms from conventional cyberspace attacks. First, we will unveil that today's  improved power saving technologies are more vulnerable to energy attacks. Then, we will demonstrate a realistic energy attack on a server system. Finally, we will highlight the difficulties in defending against energy attacks, and we propose an initiative defense scheme to meet the challenges and evaluate its effectiveness.