A Cognitive Architecture for Robot Self-Consciousness

Antonio Chella
Professor and Director of the Robotics Lab
University of Palermo
SERC 306
Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 14:00
The talk will review the cognitive architecture for robot perception developed at the RoboticsLab of the University of Palermo. The architecture is organized in three computational areas: the subconceptual, the conceptual and the linguistic area. The subconceptual area is concerned with the low-level processing of perceptual data coming from the sensors. In the linguistic area, representation and processing are based on a logic formalism. Representations in the conceptual area are based on a conceptual space that provides a principled way of relating high level, linguistic formalisms on the one hand, with low level, unstructured representation of data on the other. The talk will review how the architecture has been employed for static and dynamic scenes analysis, for reasoning about actions and modeling robot self-consciousness.