Minor and Certificate Programs

Computer Science

Having a Computer Science Minor can enhance your employment opportunities. Coursework consists of three programming courses, one introductory theory course and one CS elective course. Many of our CS minors come from related fields, such as Engineering, IST, and Math. Learn more about Computer Science Minor.

Information Science and Technology

The minor in Information Science and Technology provides students with a choice of 5 courses that focus on programming, operating systems and database technologies that can be applicable for a technological foundation to complement any major. Learn more about Information Science and Technology Minor.


Digital Media Technologies

The Digital Media Technologies Minor is an interdisciplinary minor offered through the Department of Media Studies and Production (MSP) within the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication and the Department of Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) within the College of Science and Technology. This minor is designed to expand students' knowledge of the information age and enable them to share communications over the internet using fast evolving, emerging technologies. The minor is available to undergraduate students in Media Studies and Production, Computer & Information Science, as well as other departments and colleges. Learn more about Digital Media Technologies Minor.


Data Science: Computational Analytics

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field of study about methods and systems to extract knowledge or insights from large quantities of data coming in various forms. Temple's minor in Data Science: Computational Analytics is designed for students interested in developing expertise in data science, with specialization in computational analytics. Learn more about Data Science: Computational Analytics Minor.


Certificate in Fundamentals of Programming

This certificate is appropriate for anyone interested in adding technology to their existing studies. Computer Science, Information Science and Technology, Math and Computer Science, or Math and Computer Science with Teaching majors cannot get this certificate. The certificate provides knowledge and skills in two programming languages as well as database knowledge. Learn more about Certificate in Fundamentals of Programming.


Certificate in Computer Security and Digital Forensics

This certificate is appropriate for CIS majors or experienced industry professionals who are interested in focusing in the security area. Students can add this to their existing CS, IS&T or CS/Math major. Because of the pre-requisite course schedule, this certificate is not appropriate for any majors outside of CIS. Learn more about Certificate in Computer Security and Digital Forensics.


Certificate in Data Science: Computational Analytics

The certificate in Data Science: Computational Analytics is designed to allow students with strong mathematical and programming backgrounds to develop expertise in big data analytics and machine learning. This certificate is available to all undergraduate students and professional non-degree-seeking students. Learn more about Certificate in Data Science: Computational Analytics.