Sample Teaching Strategies for Mathematical Concepts in Computing

Gonzalo Bello Lander
Ph.D. Candidate
Computer Science North Carolina State University
SERC 306
Monday, March 20, 2017 - 11:00
In this talk, I will present a sample lecture on injective (one-to-one), surjective (onto), and bijective (both one-to-one and onto) functions, a topic appropriate for the CIS 1166 course (Mathematical Concepts in Computing I) at Temple University. Throughout the lecture, I will employ different teaching strategies that illustrate the two guiding principles of my teaching philosophy: promoting active participation in the classroom (for example, by using a Jeopardy!-type game to review the definitions of injective, surjective, and bijective functions) and emphasizing the relevance of the material (for example, by discussing injective functions in the context of hash functions).