Rose McGinnis and John Fiore Recognized with Distinguished Teaching Awards

The College of Science and Technology (CST) honored faculty with Distinguished Awards at a ceremony on November 6. Rose McGinnis was presented with the The Italia-Eire Foundation Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award. The Award, Funded by Dr. Joseph C. Allegra (BA ’70, Chem), distinguished graduate and Chair of the college's Board of Visitors, is the highest teaching award presented by the College. Rose is Assistant Professor (Instructional) in CIS and has been a critical component of the IS&T capstone courses in CIS. In addition, Rose is a mentor of most CIS and CST students in her role as Director of Student Professional Development and Undergraduate Research in CIS. John Fiore was presented with the Dean’s Distinguished Teaching Award. John is Assistant Professor (Instructional) in CIS and teaches a broad range of courses from introductory programming to network architectures. CIS is proud of Rose and John's accomplishments and is so fortunate to have such excellent and well respected teachers in it's programs.