Distributed Systems and Data-Enabled Science

K. Mani Chandy
Simon Ramo Professor of Computer Science
California Institute of Technology
Friday, April 24, 2015 - 11:00
This talk is about research at the interface of distributed systems, stream processing, cloud computing and data-enabled science. The talk describes a software/ hardware platform to monitor the environment, analyze streams of data from sensors, and timely response to critical conditions. Data-enabled science and engineering – specifically statistics and machine learning – are necessary to tailor the platform to specific applications; so the talk shows how the platform integrates open-source data science software such as Python SciKit with analysis of data streams. Data analysis can be carried out exclusively in the cloud or partially in the cloud and partially in the sensor communication network; the talk describes analysis carried out in the Google App and Compute Engines, and discusses analytics in the sensor network itself. Measurements and experience with using the platform for detecting earthquakes will be presented Potential applications of the platform to other problem domains, such as monitoring of intensive care units will be presented.