The Ph.D. Qualifying Exam

This exam tests the student on the fundamentals of computer and information sciences and the basic body of knowledge in a track. It consists of a written closed book exam on theory and algorithms, systems, and track specific material. The Qualifying Exam is given every Spring semester (usually late January) and every Summer (usually late June). The exam consists of seven written questions. [Note: Questions on individual courses may be waived if the student has taken the course at Temple University within four years of admission to the doctoral program and received a grade of A or A- in that course.] 
The Qualifying Requirements by Track:

Artificial Intelligence

  • - three required CIS courses (the three courses are also required for Qualifying Exam):
CIS 5511 Programming Techniques,
CIS 5526 Machine Learning,
CIS 5603 Artificial Intelligence;
  • - at least five CIS courses (choose at most four for inclusion in Qualifying Exam)

Computer and Network Systems

  • at least two Core courses:  CIS 5511, 5512, 5513, 5542, 5617
  • at most five Didactic courses:  CIS 5526, 5536, 5537, 5539, 5544, 5603, 9615, 5516 (9616), 9618, 9664, 9665, 9666, 9669.

Information Systems

  • at least one and up to three Theory/Algorithms courses: CIS 5511, 9615 , Stat 8003
  • at least one and up to four Systems courses: CIS 5512, 5516, 5617, 5644, 9666
  • at least two and up to four Track Specific courses: CIS 5525, 5526, 5527, 5603, 9618, 9664, 9665, 9668, 9590.

Software Systems

  • three Theory/Algorithms courses: CIS 5513, 5511, 9615
  • three Systems courses: CIS 5512, CIS 5516, CIS 5617 
  • one Track Specific course: CIS 9618.
The seven courses on which a student’s qualifing examination will be based must be approved in writing by the student’s Advisor and Track Chair.
The exam may be retaken only once (either in full or in part), normally within one year of the first attempt, and only with the permission of the Graduate Committee. The Committee may, at its discretion, recommend a passing grade for a student conditional upon the satisfactory completion of a list of courses prescribed by the Committee for the purpose of remedying specific deficiencies.