Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) is to seek academic excellence by providing high-quality instruction and research in computer and information science. In support of this mission, the CIS Department is committed to meeting the needs of a diverse student body, and is dedicated to the founding principles of Temple University.  We strive to provide a stimulating education to the prepared student.

The educational mission of the CIS department is met by offering a current curriculum that incorporates both fundamental principles and recent discoveries in computer science and information technology. Also, the department supports students in other programs in the university through joint majors, minors, certificate programs, and through service courses.

The research mission of the department is pursued through sustained efforts to recruit outstanding new faculty, to aggressively develop promising research initiatives, and to provide, through research centers such as the Center for Data Analytics and Biomedical Informatics (DABI), and the Center for Networked Computing (CNC), facilities that are fully supportive of cutting-edge research. The Department and the research centers work together to support the scholarly pursuits and professional activities of its faculty, and to provide research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.