GENi WiMAX Meso-Scale Deployment

Ivan Seskar
Associate Director at WINLAB
Wireless Information Networks Laboratory, Rutgers University
Wachman 1015D
Friday, September 27, 2013 - 11:00
GENI, the Global Environment for Network Innovation is the National Science Foundation's effort to build a national at scale facility that will support research on "clean slate" designs and architectures for future global communications networks. Wireless technologies are viewed as one of the main drivers of the future networks and as such play a prominent role in GENI. In this talk we will present a brief overview of wireless related design and prototyping efforts in GENI and discuss in more detail WiMAX Meso-Scale Deployment in which "GENI-enabled" WiMAX technology is currently deployed across twelve university campuses and the main goal is to create a mobile networking playground that will span the country, and provide experimental services to a large number of users using commercially available equipment under realistic environmental conditions.