Quality of Information-Aware Networking

Tom La Porta
William E. Leonhard Professor, Computer Science and Engineering; Director, Networking and Security Research Center
Institute of Networking and Security Research, Pennsylvania State University
Barton Hall 108A
Friday, September 13, 2013 - 11:00
Distinguished Lecture
In this talk I introduce the concept of QoI-Aware networking. Most communication network theories, designs and control algorithms address performance metrics such as throughput, delay or errors, in terms of data bits. We postulate that communication networks should be viewed as information sources, and thus should be evaluated and controlled in terms of the quality of information they convey. We consider information metrics such as completeness, accuracy, precision and timeliness. Many of these metrics must be specified in the context in which the information is being used. We consider both end-device processing and network transfer when processing QoI-aware information requests. In this talk I define QoI, provide an overview of the research ongoing in the ARL-funded Academic Research Center for Communications Networks led by Penn State, show specific results from the research, and discuss current problems.