Real-Time Wireless Control Networks for Cyber-Physical Systems

Chenyang Lu
Washington University in St. Louis
Wachman 447
Friday, April 12, 2013 - 11:00
Wireless control systems represent a new frontier of cyber-physical systems. Rapid adoption of wireless sensing and actuation standards has demonstrated the feasibility of reliable wireless communication for industrial automation. However, wireless control networks face significant challenges in meeting real-time communication requirements of control systems. Furthermore, close coupling between control and communication requires a cyber-physical co-design approach to optimize control performance under stringent resources constraints. This talk will present recent advances in real-time wireless control networks. (1) I will describe a new real- time wireless scheduling theory that supports real-time performance analysis for wireless control networks. (2) I will address the scheduling-control co-design problem of determining the optimal sampling rates of feedback control loops sharing a wireless network. (3) I will present Wireless Cyber-Physical Simulator (WCPS), a holistic environment for realistic simulations of large-scale wireless control systems, as well as two case studies of wireless structural control for civil infrastructure. I will conclude my talk by highlighting future challenges and opportunities on wireless cyber-physical systems.