Download LaSOT Benchmark

For each video in LaSOT, we provide bounding box annotation, full occlusion and out-of-view flags and lingual description. The format of a bounding box is as [x, y, width, height] . You can download LaSOT in three ways.

  • Download sequences of all categories (227G):
    GoogleDrive, Baidu Pan, local. (MD5: 2f9fb392c6e2ce0192bba0d531703e2d)
    Due to the high load of data downloading, local links may sometime not be available. We are working on adding more mirrors.
  • Download sequences of each category:
    GoogleDrive, Baidu Pan. (MD5)
    Or please refer at the links below in front of each category. Click on images below for video preview and detail information.
  • Download sequences of Testing set only:
    GoogleDrive (MD5: a9038384fd94d30e7ad6a1b7cf32ec73), Baidu Pan. (MD5)

LaSOT can be freely used for personal, academic, or educational purposes.