Department of Computer & Information Sciences

Address Phone
Temple University 215-204-8450
Department  of Computer & Information Sciences Fax
304 SERC 215-204-5082
1925 N. 12th St. Email
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Chair's Office

Slobodan Vucetic Chair
Gene Kwatny Vice Chair
Yvette Sanchez-Barreto Assistant to the Chair
Andrea Mcgady Senior Department Administrative Specialist
Julie Skrocki Academic Programs Coordinator
Laurie Shteir Sr. Instructional Support Specialist

Graduate Program

Chiu Tan Graduate Program Chair
Anthony Huges Graduate Program Advisor

Undergraduate Programs

Computer Science

Jamie Payton Curriculum Chair
Sally Kyvernitis Advisor

Information Science & Technology

Paul LaFollette Curriculum Chair
Xiuqi (Cindy) Li Advisor

Math/Computer Science

Anthony Hughes Advisor

Computer Laboratories

Marah Minetola Department Administrative Specialist
  Systems Manager
Tom Stauffer Laboratory Software  Manager