Master of Science in Information Science and Technology

In the MS in IS&T program, students learn about current technology and how it can be used to solve business problems in a variety of application settings. Required and elective courses expose students to emerging technologies, fundamental system software and networking concepts, databases, business process modelling and analysis, implementation and quality assurance, as well as project management.

The MS in IS&T program emphasizes communication skills as well as problem analysis and problem solving. Graduates should be prepared for advancement in information science and technology careers such as, IT managers, application development project managers, business analysts, user-interface designers, database managers, user-developer liaisons, administrators, security advisers, and consultants.

If you are interested in getting an MS/IST degree but your undergraduate degree is in another field, click here to learn how you can prepare to apply to one of our MS programs.

Course Requirements

To earn an MS in Information Science and Technology, a student must complete ten graduate courses (30 credits) as detailed below1. All are three credit courses (except for the variable credit independent study course).
  • Four Required Core Courses
    • CIS 5105 IT Process Management
    • CIS 5106 System Development Process
    • CIS 5107 Computer Systems Security and Privacy
    • CIS 5108 Emerging Technologies
  • Five Advanced Topic Elective Courses, select from
    • CIS 5208 Knowledge Management
    • CIS 5210 Seminar in Information Science and Technology2
    • CIS 5274 Software Quality Assurance and Testing
    • CIS 5275 Software Project Management
    • CIS 5301 Advanced Database Management Systems
    • CIS 5303 Usability Engineering
    • CIS 5304 Network Technologies
    • CIS 5306 Software Engineering
    • CIS 5410 Advanced Seminar in Information Science and Technology
    • CIS 9182/9282 Independent Study3registration form
    • Any M.S. Computer Science course4click here for list.
    • Coursework outside the CIS Department5
  • Master's Project CIS 9991, registration form
At least one credit hour of work experience outside of Temple's CIS Department is required, but can be waived for students with adequate work experience. Students enroll in CIS 9182/9282 - Independent Study, registration form
  1. Academic Standards. Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA in order to graduate. Students who receive more than two substandard grades (C+ or lower) are dismissed from the program.
  2. Includes security topics, such as Digital Forensics and Ethical Hacking & Intrusion Detection.
  3. Up to 6 credits of independent study can be applied to the MS/IST degree, up to 3 of which may be related to an internship.​
  4. MS CS courses require advanced programming and/or significant math skills, such as linear algebra, multivariate calculus, and statistics.
  5. Under special circumstances, a student may take 1-2 electives outside the CIS department, but only with the approval of the Director of CIS Graduate Programs.

Prerequisite Requirements

Before a student can apply to the MS IST program, they must have completed (or be registered in) the following courses and/or have equivalent work experience.
  • 2 consecutive programming courses in the same language (such as CIS 1068 and 2168)
  • A database course (such as CIS 2109 or CIS 4331)
  • Courses in computer operating systems and networking (such as CIS 2229 and CIS 3329)
  • A course in web or mobile application development, such as CIS 3308 or CIS 3515 or [CIS 3309 and CIS 3342].
Prerequisite courses may be taken at Temple, as a non-matriculated student (through Continuing Studies, 215 204-2500), or at any accredited college. If you lack some of these requirements, click here to learn how you can prepare to apply(link is external) to this or any of our other MS programs.