Doctor of Philosophy in Computer and Information Sciences

The Computer and Information Sciences Ph.D. program prepares a student to undertake independent research in either an academic or non-academic setting. The program is structured around the Ph.D.  thesis; course and seminar work are designed with the requisite quality of the thesis in mind. A criterion for the thesis is that it be publishable in a recognized journal.

NOTE: All CIS graduate students accepted into the Ph.D. program are expected to successfully complete the program. Transfer to one of the MS degree programs is not permitted except under extraordinary circumstances.

Summary of Course Requirements for the Ph.D.  Degree in Computer and Information Sciences

  • Students must take 16 courses from among those approved for their track.
  • No more than 8 of the 16 courses may be independent study 9182/9282, preliminary exam prep 9994, pre-dissertation research 9998, and/or 9999 dissertation research. [Ph.D. Course Enrollment Form  for Independent Study, Preliminary Exam Prep or Pre-Dissertation Research]
  • Graduate credits from other institutions can be considered for transfer credits.
  • Requirements to Waive Examination on a course that is part of the Qualifier Exam:
    • Course must be taken at Temple University;
    • Student must have received an A or A-;
    • Student must have completed the course within four (4) years of admission to the doctoral program.
  • At least 1 credit hour of work [or research] experience outside of Temple's CIS Department is required.  Students enroll in CIS 9182 or 9282 - Independent Study.  This requirement can be waived for students with adequate work experience.
  • The final dissertation should follow the formatting guidelines outlined in the Dissertation & Thesis Handbook

The four research tracks for the Ph.D. are:

Teaching Requirements

As part of the normal graduate training program, all Ph.D. candidates are expected to teach at least one course. Exception may be granted by the CIS Graduate Program Committee in consultation with the student’s Advisory Committee.

Examination Requirements

Ph.D. Program Time-line and Progress