CIS Laboratories

The CIS department provides and maintains computing systems for students and faculty. These systems include servers and workstations for instruction, learning and research. In addition, there are numerous University computing resources available for students and faculty. 
CIS has 5 student computing laboratories located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Science Education and Research Center (SERC). These laboratories provide services for:
  • the laboratory component of courses
  • student research
  • walk-in use to support instructional, research, and project activities for students
Almost all CIS courses at the undergraduate level have a scheduled laboratory component. At the graduate level, most courses require use of CIS laboratories for homework, project assignments and research. More than 60 sections of CIS courses (over 1200 students) have their scheduled laboratory or lecture component in these facilities.
Most graduate students also use the CIS laboratories for their course assignments. Some graduate courses, e.g. those concerned with networking, operating systems, data mining, security, web services and database management, also have lectures and formal laboratory components in the laboratories.
The CIS laboratories are open for student use for at least 70 hours per week. This accommodates the scheduled courses and provide adequate “walk-in” time for students each week. Students should expect to have homework assignments and laboratory projects that require an additional six to eight hours per week of laboratory system use beyond their scheduled laboratory time.
CIS's objective has been to provide computing systems with up-to-date technology, suitable for the courses scheduled to use the laboratories. Four of the laboratories have classroom style seating with one or more workstations per seat. These classrooms have multiple large screen video systems. Each laboratory has a workstation for the instructor. The laboratories are designed to accommodate lecture, demonstration, student software development and experimentation.
Workstations in the laboratories are new, multi-core x86 systems with large memory and storage, high-end graphics, and large screens. The systems are dual-boot operating systems - Windows and Linux, with the same configurations and software in each of the labs. Some labs include a second workstation for co-development or sand-boxed network experimentation.
The fifth laboratory is a flexible space used for collaborative courses, such as for capstone projects and mobile system development.
In support of the computer system laboratories, the CIS department manages a backend cluster system that provides file system storage and backup, remote access, and virtual machines for special services and projects. The cluster provides "high availability" through redundant systems. CIS server systems are located in the state-of-the-art SERC data center.
Students also have secure remote access (using ssh or scp)to our laboratory computers, so that they can safely access their stored data and programs. CIS students access the systems through their University AccessNet ID and each students' files and data are accessible from any of the laboratory systems.
In SERC, CIS has high bandwidth networking (multiple 10 Gbps ports for servers and 1 Gbps to the desktop) to all systems and wireless connectivity throughout the labs, common spaces and offices.
In addition to the University software resources for students and faculty, CIS provides CIS students free access to Microsoft software products through our Dreamspark subscription.
Through support from the National Science Foundation, CIS developed a high-performance computing environment that is available for high performance data computation and experimentation. The system, a hybrid GPU/CPU system, is comprised of 64 conventional compute nodes, 6 high memory nodes, 6 multi-core compute nodes, 8 GPU nodes (each with 4 Tesla C2050 GPU), and 4 storage nodes (120 TB storage), providing a total of 1216 compute cores.

The TECH Center is Temple's state-of-the-art computer facility with over 700 workstations and specialty labs for graphics, audio and video processing, large scale and 3-D printing, and more.

LAB Schedules

Below you can find the weekly schedules for the CIS labs. 

SERC 204
SERC 206
SERC 357
SERC 359
SERC 383