Information Science and Technology Electives

Below is a list of the electives available to students following the BS degree in IS&T.  Each semester, we offer electives from this list.  It is also possible to take upper level CS courses as IS&T electives if the student meets the pre-requisites and if they do not overlap with other IS&T courses that the student has taken.  These must be 3000-level or higher and approved by the IS&T faculty advisor prior to registering for the course.

CIS Information Science & Technology (IST) Elective Courses:
Course #  Course Name                                                    
CIS 3281*  Cooperative Education Exerience in IST (click here for the application form)
CIS 3344 Client - Side Scripting for the Web (based on curriculum changes in Fall 2016, this course counts as an IS&T elective for students who took CIS 1048.  For students without CIS 1048, CIS 3344 is a required IS&T course.)
CIS 3374 Testing and Quality Assurance
CIS 3376  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Design & Information
CIS 3441 Software Security
CIS 3515 Introduction to Mobile Application Development
CIS 3603 User Experience Design
CIS 3605 Introduction to Digital Forensics
CIS 3775 Information Technology Project Management
CIS 4105 IT Process Management
CIS 4108 Emerging Technologies and Tools for Enterprise Management
CIS 4330 Current Topics in Information Science & Technology
CIS 4340 Seminar in Information Science & Technology
CIS 4362 Application System Development using Relational Technology
CIS 4376 E-Commerce System Development
CIS 4378 Computer and Network Security
CIS 4282/4382* Independent Study Click here for the application form
CIS 4515 Advanced Mobile Development
CIS 4615 Ethical Hacking and Intrusion Forensics
CIS 4625 Audit and Compliance for Security and Digital Forensics

*Note: A maximum of two courses (eight credits) may be taken from CIS 3281, CIS 4282 and CIS 4382 to fulfill Information Science & Technology electives. A maximum of 4 credit hours of CIS 3281 may be counted towards IST electives.

Students planning to enroll in COOP or Independent Study must manually register for this course. COOP applications should be submitted to Eugene Kwatny and Independent Study forms should be submitted to Sally Kyvernitis