About Me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer and Information Sscience Department at Temple University. Before joining Temple University I was a Research Associate affiliated with Purdue University, Discovery Park, Cyber Center and a visiting faculty in the Computer Science Department at Purdue University.

Research Interests
Databases, information retrieval, managing unstructured data, information integration, information extraction, opinion mining and retrieval, Web-oriented research, cyber-infrastructure for science
Current Activity
  • Large-Scale Entity Disambiguation - joint work with Professor Lou Si
  • Integrating data from local search engines - joint work with Professors Clement Yu and Weiyi Meng
  • Cyber-infrastructure for Science
      iHUB (A Collaborative Network for Ionomics Information Management) - Cyber Center.
      CRIS (Computational Research Infrastructure for Science) - Cyber Center.
  • ORLF (Online Record Linkage and Fusion).
  • Sentiment Analysis - with Profs. Clement Yu and Weiyi Meng.
  • Teaching - I will teach Principles of Data Management in Fall.
  • Professional Service:
Deep Web Query Interface Understanding and Integration, co-authored with Weiyi Meng and Clement Yu. Download here.